Network Planning

I’m curious what I’ve done that has made me hire so many of these people?

You need Network planning Personal when you agree with another Airline on a Interlining. The bigger the airline the more people you need. But how many people you have hired? Compare the People there with the one in the Interlining Section … It should be the same figure.


They’re for interlining as Benjamin said. But, they’re an expense worth having.

I’m paying $105,300/week for 117 network planning staff for just one interlining partner airline. But the fact is, I have a load factor of 98.36% with great thanks to that interlining partner. All my flights are in profit and sure, it’s not 100% because some of my ultra short haul (<250km) feeder flights aren’t always filled up. But if you find a partner that your network works well with, it’s worth the interlining expense.

Try and partner with some big airlines at major hubs. That gives you plenty of feeder pax for your connecting flights, as well as a better route network.

And of course, you can charge more too!!

Yeah, larger airlines spend a lot on these people… I have 1,912 "Network Planners" and spend about 1.7 million.

What country are you in, I’d be willing to interline with you if you are in the US to give you a start?

I was just about to post a question "why have I got so many redundant network planners?" - now I understand (I think) - I've had a lot of IL partners go bust just recently.

I assume that if I take on more IL partners, then the redundant employees will be re-absorbed?

Exactly. (Or if you expand your own network.)

Exactly. (Or if you expand your own network.)

(or the existing IL partners expand their network)