New Airline

Hey guys! So I have been thinking about the past couple of years about starting an airline based out of the west coast of the United States ( I haven't really chosen an exact location yet since I want more input from experts and others before making this choice). I am looking for ideas from others for almost anything and if you would also like to join me in this venture. everyone's input is extremely welcomed and encouraged! :)

Are you a billionaire? :P  ;)  If you answer is "YES", I would be very pleased to share my life and ideas with you and we could arrange the purchase of MD-80s while sipping cocktails on a terrace.  :)

PS: I am carefree and housetrained.

Just to be clear here... you are talking about starting an airline in real life? :blink:

Are you a billionaire? :P  ;)

Reminds me of that famous quote by Sir Richard Branson:

Q: How do you become a millionaire?

A: Easy. Be a billionaire and start an airline!


Now, he didnt say much on how he wants to start but you dont need to be a billionaire....sure you need some money but he's not gonna start with a 787 or anything (I guess). If you have some funds and are willing to go for it you could easily start out with a King Air and with a little deeper pockets a Phenom 100 or even 300 (love this one). Depends on the stratety but it's certainly not impossible. However, being in posession of a CPL or ATPL is a must for saving some costs early on.

@Tuckersi ... AS airline or real life airline?