New airline

Hi all,
I am new to this world, would anyone offer a bit of mentoring to this advanced game world or offer some help to new users? I am not exactly a new player as I have played in the previous Otto world.
Thanks in advance.
Chan Long Tin, Matthew

Hello and welcome to Riem!

Not many of us in Riem or AS in general have the time luxury to mentor new airline. Those who offer mentoring, usually quite active in the forum and you can tell who they are by the number of their posting. My suggestion, try joining an alliance but even an active alliance doesn't really guarantee active mentoring program. Best alternative to mentoring is to read the forum and you can find gold nuggets scattered all over the place.

Just a head-up from the Riem Battlefield, yeah it's a battlefield since I think even the biggest airline currently is bleeding lol, for at least the last 90 days, AGEX has been dropping like a rock, losing 25% down to 700-level but I think we're hitting the bottom here, just don't know how long it will stay before rebound. The good think, if you survive this situation, moving forward is the up-hill and your airline will come leaner and more efficient for any expansion.

If any advice I could give, start small and be patience. Demand is greatly reduced in Riem, and bottom-low AGEX doesn't help at all. So good luck!