New Alliance?

Hello fellow Meigsians,

I am looking to establish a new alliance.

I am calling on all who would like to help me establish this alliance.

The main aim of the alliance will be to help each other improve airline performance in an area away from competitors.

With this in mind, I’d like to call all who are interested so we can establish it, and figure out our path for the future.

Hi, I am interested in joining your alliance! I am based in BOM and hope we all can work together

Edit: I seem to have not mentioned my airline name… its Air Hindustan

Malaysian Links would be honoured to be part of your new alliance. Please accept this request

I am also interested. My airlines name is Fly Croatia and we are based out of Zagreb Croatia. Send message in game and we can discuss.

May be an airline in South America (Brasil) could fit into your alliance ? Then send an email to Linhas Aereas Copacabana. Thank you ;)

Hey guys,

We’d love to have you on board. Just apply on-line, name of the alliance “One”. View it at

We are just in the process of discussing what we all feel the alliance should be like, would love to know your thoughts on it.

Hello again Meigsians!

One is off to a running start, but we won’t stop here!

Currently we are in the process of recruiting new members, to join our new alliance.

If you are looking for a great community to discuss your plans, help others or be helped you may want to be a part of this.

As the Oceania Leader I am on the lookout for new recruits from the following countries;



Marshal Islands

[size="2"]Micronesia[/size]    [size="2"]Nauru[/size]    [size="2"]New Zealand[/size]    [size="2"]Palau[/size]    [size="2"]Papua New Guinea[/size]    [size="2"]Salomon Islands[/size]    [size="2"]Samoa[/size]    [size="2"]Tonga[/size]    [size="2"]Tuvalu[/size]    [size="2"]Vanuatu[/size] 

So if you are an active player who wants to be part of an active community aimed to improve your airline, please apply at http://meigs.airline…lliance?id=2816

P.S. We only accept one airline per country, so be quick!

Sorry for Dita, however I am going to start up a new alliance as well. If you are not interested to join in any alliances then you can be a co-founder with me. Our objective is to open a real Asian Alliance as I am planning to set it up in Singapore. Therefore everyone who wants to join please feels free to tell me. Thanks

Haha way to thread hijack!

For all those interested our Asian Continent Leader is on the lookout for airlines also.

Following the disestablishment of another alliance advertised I would like to invite all to join our alliance.

We are currently looking for a Near East continent leader and other member Airlines.

Hello all valued One members!

We will be re-establishing the alliance once the server is up and running again.

I know I certainly loved the culture we were developing and the helpful strategising that was going on in the forums!

See you on the reset.

Hi, Dita,

Caesar is here.

I will pick up same city to restart… LOL.

Anyway, try to find me in CAN, and I will try to target you in SYD again.

C u soon


Sounds great Caesar, same airline name?

Aussie Pash will be mine again.

Hello Dita and the “One” - Men :) . I hope to be back again with Copacabana Linhas Aereas in Brasil (GIG) and to join the Alliance again.

Hello One Alliance

Ill be starting my International Only ailrine from Australia again (Oz Air). I reckon my strategy will be similar to before probably.


To all One members - register for Meigs here

Hey all! I just restarted my airlines after the crash and am ready to get back the alliance! Lets build bigger and better!

Got my airline up and running again. Currently flying to just HKG and SIN but will add my old NZ flights when i can afford the lease.

Ill keep an eye out for the One Alliance when that is up and running and join straight away!!

Also ive been trying to get this signature to show my airline, found how to do it, but it just shows the link, not the image of the airline stats. Any help in getting it right would be fantastic.


Hello “One” alliance, i’ve restarted my old airline (AirGeo European) established also in FRA. I would be proud to take part once again from this alliance.

Hey guy’s,

Great to see you back! So you can re-apply here ->

If you were a previous member please note it in the box.

We are welcoming new members also.