New demand data and airport bars

I looked at passenger bars at airports on Quimby and they look the same. Did the passenger numbers even change or its just bars that weren’t updated?

There is absolutely no change with the patch regarding the overall passenger demand per airport.
Only the relative demand (where people want to fly from that airport) is changed.

Guess it is too early in the game to actually notice any differenc?

The announcement is a little cryptic to me. I get that there is a demand update and some change in some algorithm.

I don’t understand however, the intended change on gameplay. What is the (anticipated) result?

AS demand is based on real supply due to limited availability of real demand data. The new formula - as far as I understand it - tries to pull more “demand” from the big (real life) hubs in order to simulate demand more realistically.
Take cargo as example:
MEM, ANC or LEJ aren’t that big in demand in reality. They just serve as distribution hubs in real life which was translated into demand in game. For example, real demand goes from Asia to mainland US, not from/to ANC.
Same goes for regions like Spain to Latin America.
I hope for a change here with the new system.

I am not sure if changing relative demand without changing absolute numbers makes sense. Lets say people were flying from A to B and from A to C. Now nobody flies from A to C. It doesn’t mean that all those people fly from A to B now. Also where do people from C fly since the demand didn’t change? Into the void?

I hope absolute demand numbers will be updated. Some airports have grown more than twice in last 15 years.

I’d say that would be the case in this overly simplified scenario, yes. A to B only.

Realistically I’d expect to see way less people demanding from/to DXB* but instead go straight from Asia to Europe, or far less people demanding from/to MIA* but instead go straight from the US east coast to the Caribbean.
MIA or DXB serve as examples here.

While low AGEX and being very early in the game may play a role, I do feel the there is a change in demand between several airports that previously just “filled up” without any problems

I have not played in a few years but just started back on Fri. I have done nothing to my prices and can’t fill any planes that from what I can see I am the only one on the route currently. I figure the first three days might be because not a full cycle has hit each airport yet. Are others having issues filling planes currently? Trying to figure out what else I missed that I can review to see my issues on getting the planes with some positive cash flow.

If you could give some more informations about your airline, it would help. Name for example.
You may miss traffic rights. There might be no demand on those routes. You may have… other issues.

@highscore2 thanks for the questions and sorry took so long to get back. Busy work day so no time to jump back into the game until now. My airline is Rock City out of DTW. Most of the time i Add new flights in Waves and just go back an forth between the same two airports. This time a spread out a little more with my three planes but not getting much in at all for bookings using the base prices. If we look at DTW to BOS my prices are what they came a default but can’t fill the plane. Don’t remember how to fix this or what I should be looking at to see what my issues could be. The ORS seems like I have a pretty high rating and not to many others on the same leg yet. Any thought I am open to ideas. Thanks

I can’t see anything wrong here and tend to think relative demand?

@AK Thanks for taking a look. From what I can see Relative Demand is new in the setup correct?

I don’t see much difference. I’m based at KTM.
In real life there’s 4 flights a day doing KTM-KUL, sometimes using A333 in peak season so I was hopeful the new demand engine would fix the previous worlds lack of demand at KTM.
That being said, my KTM-KUL (only airline in the route) generated… 5 pax.

Curious if anyone has noticed drastic differences in pax booking on some routes which before would easily fill up? I have 1x daily YYJ-YVR flights barely filling 35% yet in real life there are 25+ flights per day between the two… also a route like YVR-YWG would get less than 25% bookings, even with feeder connections

I think KTM is just a wierd airport. Personally, I have never been able to fill anything to KTM. I have tried from Indonesia, Malaysia and China but no one wants to go there.

The demand in KTM is low. In past server, I fly TYN-KTM-LXA, so I get some transfer passagers to fill TYN-KTM.

From KTM to India, you will get passengers i think.