New Exclusive Game World!


I am currently considering creating a brand new Exclusive Game World not yet to be named. This game world will be fairly easier than others so if you are new or still getting the hang of things this world is great! Information will be provided below. The first step for me is to gather any players who are interested in joining this world. I am currently looking for at least 15 players. If you are interested please DM me your Number so I am able to add you to a WhatsApp group. Currently, depending on how many players join people will have to pay a quarterly fee of 72 Euros or less( 3 months), after this payment it will be mounthly from there of a max of 24 Euros per month depending on how many players are playing. Here are the basic rules:

10 Holdings Per Account

When you join the WhatsApp group you will have the opportunity to choose three Airlines to claim and those Holdings will start with 75m, any other Holdings created will start off with about 25-30m.(May change)

High Passenger Demand

Start with used Aircraft

Nighttime bans enforced

Open Skies but there are rules in place(Message me for more info)

Normal Slots(will add more if needed)

Real World Airlines are allowed as well as made up Airlines(as long as they are not offensive)

UPDATE: We now have 9 of 15 players needed.

Happy Landings,


I think you should consider several things:

  1. EUR 24 is too expensive, as there are other private game charged almost half of it.
  2. Only 5 holdings per account is not interesting. The other private game does not limit the number of holdings.

But I do like the 75 mio though.


Hi thanks for your opinion. I see how the holdings are a problem and will change but with the Euros it is spread evenly across all players so it depends on the number of people in the game. If 20 join mounthly would drop to like 18. If 25 it will be 14.40 and so on.


I would join it sounds fun


I have sent you a message.


I would say that it is more of an opinion. Personally I like there being a limit initially, especially since holdings can cooperate, because it does give everyone a fair chance.


other private games do limit reality only has 3 holdings per account


I am also interested to join!


Great!! Can you please reply back with your number so I can add you to a WhatsApp group. Also you can reply with any questions you have.


Im also interested. Can you send me a message?


I want to join also! But why 72 euros? Lol


I have sent you a message


UPDATE: We now have 9 players joined and need 6 more to be able to start.


Yep. And I don’t find it interesting. At least 8 maximum.
The private game I joined does not limit the number of holding.


Not everybody is able to pay that kind of money. 15 is more practical than 8. And we have unlimited holdings.


Fifteen is more practical than eight? :thinking:

Were you talking about the number of players, or holdings?
Because what I meant by 8 is number of holdings per player could get (considering you want to limit number of holding per player).


oh, i thought you were talking about maximum 8 players.


I’m interested, but can we please have info about slots and nighttime ban?

Ideally i’d prefer double slots and nighttime ban enforced.


After talking it over with our group, the majority agreed that enforcing a nighttime ban would not be a problem. Also we decided not to add double slots at the beggining of the world because it would become too big, but if we need more in the future then we will add.


We are still accepting!! If you are interested please send me a message!