New Game World - "Dreamworld"

Dear Community,

We have founded a game world and want to invite you to play with us. Here are the basic details:

  • Cap will be 20 Players and aim is to have a worldwide coverage of hubs of players

  • One Holding per player allowed. Intention is to have one holiding which ones one parent airline who can found several companies in several countries. Idea is to make sure that each airline is self-funding

  • Companies are granted traffic rights of the country where they are founded. * Not the Holding country *

  • Nighttime bans active

  • Normal amount of Slots. Can be adjusted during the time

  • Normal demand. Scaling down would mean that small airports do not work from the beginning which is not wanted

  • Ground networks active

  • Used aircrafts available / purchase of new aircrafts for current models only

  • Used aircrafts are owned by two player leasing companies. Due to that we can influence the leasing costs which are too high and not realistic. By reaching out to us you can decide whether you want to lease cheap and wait longer or you want to have it quick for the regular price. (And everything in between)

  • Money earned by the leasing activities will only be re-used to purchase further aircrafts and will neither be used to support the players airline or to found an additional company

  • Stock exchange active

  • Start up capital: 20 Million. Sufficient due to lower leasing costs

  • PAX Airlines: Flights to and from your respective company country. As usual and if you want to expand further you have to create an airline in the respective country which can be owned by the initial airline

  • Cargo Airlines: * Different to usual rules *. Cargo traffic rights will be treated similar to PAX rights. E.g. an American Cargo Airline is limited to flights from and to the USA. If you want to expand further you have to create an airline in the respective country which can be owned by the initial airline

  • Since these Cargo traffic rates are not subject to any setting it will be reviewed by me and other players. In case somebody is starting to fly routes which are not connected with your companies origin country he/she will get contacted and will be asked to remove respective flights

  • Naming restrictions: Any name is allowed (even real world names e.g. Lufthansa, etc.) as long as the name is not offending others, having a sexual content, express racism or is misleading (e.g Air China, based in France)

  • All further setting adjustments will be subject to a democratic process

If you want to Play with us and agree to the rules:

  1. Send me short message via this Forum and advise which starting Country you are Looking at and which Kind of Airline you want to run (E.g. PAX Airline in HKG). * This will of course not limit your intentions for the future and is only to get a feeling for balance *

  2. I will forward your username and you will get full Access to our gameworld

  3. Please pay your Monthly fee of 15.00 EUR via Paypal provided. In case you start during a month the partial amount will be added to the next months transfer

Please note:

I´m already playing for one month without any competition. Aim was to test some things on a plain server. I´m running a Cargo Airline and will not further expand to further countries for the time being. No further activities on this game world so far

Dear Community,

After receiving some private messages I want to provide some additional input:

*Yes, exclusive game world is already online and you can join right away
*One holding limitation is only for the starting period and not for good
*Cargo rights are restricted to have a more realistic game setting

One person did challenge that players are the lessors and that my airline is already developed:

*I would restart my airline if this is a show stopper
*We would delete the leasing companies and would increase starting capital to 35 million