New game world for mid-sized airlines

Hi all

I have a new exclusive world up and running with a small group of players.

The world suits players who want to create medium-sized or niche airlines. If you want to take over the world or are very competitive in your game, try the new Domination game world! While a number of flags have been planted already, there are still several interesting markets available including Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, basically all of Africa, China and Russia.

Cost is 20EUR/mo. Send me a PM with your email address and I will reply by email.,Look forward to hearing from you

We are still taking new players. Please PM with an email if you’re interested.

Some key under-developed markets include Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Hong Kong, Qatar, Central Asia, Finland, Sweden, Vietnam, Northern Africa. Other markets may be more competitive but still have space- the only airport which is getting a bit tight is (predictably) LHR.

Just to bump this again- we have had a few players leave us so very open to new players. 20EUR/mo, unlimited holdings, no sharemarket. Otherwise the game follows the normal game rules. Game continues on a month by month basis.

To add to the previous list: Indonesia, Netherlands, Dubai are currently very attractive.