New Game World "Maddog"

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well! I haven’t seen any threads for a new game world in a while, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to host one of my own. This game world is called “Maddog” and offers new and experienced players numerous opportunities! If interested please join the Discord server below!

Server Configuration:

  • Nighttime Bans: Off
  • Ground Networks: On
  • Slots: Double
  • Stock Market/IPOs: Enabled
  • Dynamic Turnaround Times: Enabled
  • Aircraft Types: All Aircraft Allowed
  • Used A/C at Start: Yes
  • Demand: Starting at 75% and increasing.
  • ORS: New

Other Server Information:

  • Players: Up to 15 (Myself Included)
  • Cost: Initial Down Payment of 40 Euros (For the First 3 Months), then monthly payments of 18 Euros
  • Starting Capital: 50 Million
  • ATO Budget: 50 Million
  • Interlining Between Holdings: Allowed

Holding Rules:

  • 2 Initial Holdings at Start, Then 3 Holdings After 30 Days, Then 4 Holdings After 45 Days
  • Limit of 1 Holding based in either EU, US, or China.
  • Limit of 1 European LCC per person.
  • First 3 Holdings can be based anywhere provided that they adhere to the rules above.
  • Fourth holding must be either a cargo airline or a passenger airline based at an airport no larger than 8-bars.

Hub Rules:

  • Maximum of 4 Hubs for all airlines based in the USA and China.
  • Maximum of 5 Hubs for low-cost carriers based in the EU. (Hubs Maximum of three 8-Bar Hubs and two 9-Bar Hubs)
  • Maximum of 3 Hubs for all other airlines.
  • For airlines based in the USA and China, the player’s primary hub is exclusive to them for the first 45 days. All other hubs are open to all respective players.
  • For all other airlines, the player’s primary hub is exclusive to them for the first 45 days. All other hubs are open to all respective players.

Other Rules:

  • To protect players in smaller countries, we will be using List C for open investment.
  • No overbidding on any aircraft allowed.
  • All airline names, real and fictional, are welcome.
  • Be kind, respectful, and act appropriately towards others.

None of these rules are final. I am open to suggestions for change from others. If you disagree with my proposals you may comment on this thread or share your thoughts on the Discord server.

Join the Discord Here: Airlinesim Maddog Gameworld

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Currently at 9 Players So Far, Tons of Airlines Available!

Ha! When I first saw the Topic Title, I thought that the only aircraft allowed would be MD-80’s! That would be interesting…but, alas, all aircraft types are allowed.

We are still looking for more players! There are countless airlines and opportunities available in this gameworld!

Hey everyone! Maddog is still recruiting players and we still have numerous airlines available! We have already launched, and we are happy to welcome you to the server within 24 hours of payment!

Hey everyone, at this time we are completely full and no longer accepting any new players unless space opens up. If space opens up I will post on this thread.

Any vacant slot for this server?

Yes, there are about 3-4 spots open now at the moment.


I just have a question. With 5 months or so already into the game world, pretty much lots of airports have had established airline routes already. How’s a new player compete with the established airlines? I’m just trying to understand.


We are actually restarting soon, so everyone will have another chance. Join our Discord and you can choose your airlines.

We are restarting the server soon. There are plenty of spaces available at the moment if you’d like to join the server. The Discord link is at the top of the thread.

Our server has restarted and there are still plenty of spots available!