New Game World plans

Hi All

Looking to set up a new project game world which is different from other private servers concerning player per hub/country approach is arranged.
The problem on most servers is as soon as 10 players are exceeded it get’s crowded and you need to spend a large amount of time the first weeks in order to keep up with the rest to build up your airline.
Therefore on this server the system of full countries will be applied… even in huge EU and US Markets.
After 2 or 3 months the whole world is opened up… this gives each player the change to build on his airlines on his own pace…

Off course this is only possible if the number of players is limited to a small amount… so aiming for 10 Players, monthly costs… € 30… but you get a lot of fun and options for it…

If you are interested PM for the ful info sheet and more info…