New Long Term Game World?

Hi, are there any plans for a new long term game world???

I hope such plans doesnt exist, at least in them medium term. New game worlds increase the lack of players on the “older” long term game worlds. Simulogics must add new features that are operative on all gameworlds which may increase the number of players. Anyway there is plenty of space on the existing game worlds so i am sure you will find a nice place for your company

Hi There,

I’m a new player, really enjoying the experience on Yeager so far. I’d also like to get involved in a long term game world, but I have to say the existing huge enterprises in those game worlds is very intimidating. It seems it would be very difficult to compete with the established players, and a new long term game world would be much more appealing.

It’s over 12 months since the last long term world started, perhaps it is time for a new one?


PLUS the NEW ORS. I believe the new ORS scoring, and demand system, is way more realistic. The old one is just “meeh” once you master the new one.

I think that there should be a new long term world with realistic demand. I find that the old worlds have these massive airlines that control 98% of slots in many airports which makes the game very difficult to play. It’s always nice when you see those airlines shut down thus opening up slots, but that happens rarely.

The older worlds can still be played by new players, but are slightly more challenging since slots are booked at major airports of those worlds. It doesn’t mean the player can’t play, it just means they will need to squeeze every inch of domestic demand before going to the international level.

Or maybe just start and be patient for slots to slowly open up, because airlines come and go. It works and makes the game way more interesting.

Unfortunately, most of the new players lack patience.