New ORS system in new world

New ORS system on the new world. Whats everyones thoughts on it so far?

Ive done a few cabin config’s and cannot see much of a difference?

You won’t see any difference just by creating cabin configurations - the individual seat ratings you can see there are still the same. You’ll only notice the changes in the ORS, where pricing comes into the mix for the total ORS rating.

I am really supportive of the change in theory. Personally, I find the level of thought and realism that goes into Airlinesim seriously impressive, but I find it strange (and don’t like the fact) that players can run such crazy configurations really profitably when they would have no chance of success in the real world.

In reality, people look at how much tickets cost - we are not all millionaires (which is why so many fly EasyJet!) - and I think the game should move a bit closer to reflecting that reality. If this change to ORS works, then I think it will resolve my last major grievance with the game.

Something seems wrong , Why would a brandnew A321 with comfort-plus seats have a rating of “4” and a 28 year old 733 have a rating of "26 "in ors and then< despite being a connection with yet another 733, Have a total rating higher than the A321 nonstop that has a cheaper price.

Agreed. I’ve seen similar things happening

I’d be interested in seeing screenshots of these examples if you’re willing to share (and do the legwork). I started an experimental airline on Yeager but have not had great success. I thought it was due to my lack of skill, haha.

As I’m not active in Yeager II and haven’t experience the new ORS system.

How does you going feel the difference from a practical point of view? Anyone feel they now need to run a different type of configuration and price policies compared to other game worlds?