New Player and new Airline


I just started a new airline in Pearls.
In 2017 I played already and got some really good support from a veteran player.

Gecko Air is a small project and I hope I can build a solid base in Nigeria.

Since its several years ago I will probably run into “issues” :slight_smile:


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You are welcome to come to Lagos on Idlewild and the largest alliance will give you full support.

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first week is done and I am happy to announce that Gecko Air survived!
We did even good from my point of view:
31/2019 - 1,416,851 AS$ total revenue
187 operated flights, 16 airports served.

Looking forward to 32/2019! :slight_smile:

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Congrats @Gorkal and good luck on continued success of Gecko Air! Nice to see new players joining the “older” worlds. :grinning:

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