New player, bit overwhelmed and confused

Hello everyone

I am new to the game, but I have not selected a server to play on yet. I have been following this game on and off for sometime while I was a student but now I have the time to actually give this a go.

As far as I understand it the less populated servers are the recommended ones for new players as there are more opportunities. Could someone please confirm this?

Additionally I am somewhat confused with the forum and the activity indicator as the forum is showing there having been activity 2 days ago on some posts but the time stamp is actually over a year old, am I reading this wrong?

I am eager to jump in and play but I am weary of making mistakes straight away and losing all the money. I have watched some tutorials on youtube but I am still fairly lost.

I feel like I am going to end up lost and trying to compete with well established players and ultimately lose everything and then just give up.

Try South Korea on Ellinikion, Jeju - Seoul (Either airport will fill up)
And its pretty open

Read the forums for help. Connections are key, If you pick ICN, make sure your waves are 1 hour 30 minutes from inbound to outbound, make sure the cabin configurations are Recliner Longhaul for business and Comfort plus for Economy - youll be allright.


Will do that, thanks!

Hi and welcome to AirlineSim!

If you haven’t found it already, read this guide that’s often recommended to new players to learn the game mechanics: AS for beginners - an attempted blog

That’s not really true - the very old game worlds usually have few players, but they’ve got very large airlines by now and so there’s not necessarily that much space left.
Younger game worlds (especially Yeager, Otto and Quimby) may have many players, but the airlines are still small, so it’s generally easier for new airlines.
Still, even (or especially) old game worlds can offer great opportunities, because it’s all about finding the a niche or jumping in at the right time, as there will always be some players who quit the game and leave a lot of room for start-ups again.

If you got more questions, you may also want to join our Discord sever and maybe get some quicker feedback for your airline, when you need it.

I just started a little over a month ago. I’m obviously a newbie as well, but I was in the same relative situation so i can relate.

It’s a complex game, and there’s a lot of information available, so it’s easy to get information overload.
There’s also a lot of decisions to make and the more decisions with numerous options there are available, the more people worry about making the wrong one and failing.

In the end, don’t worry about it. It’s just a game. After you do all your preparation and reading, the only you can really do at that point is jump in and try to put it all into practice.

You’ll make mistakes, maybe a lot of them. I already reset two companies so take that for what it’s worth.

Just learn from your mistakes and put your newfound lessons into use in the next company. Once you blow up your first company, it’s kind of exciting to start over with the information you learned and do just a bit better.

Make a short, simple plan, but make it realistic. Then adjust as needed.

Have fun.