New Player looking for an Alliance on Hover


I am new. I have no problems spending money on a sub if I can figure out how to play and enjoy it.

I had a top airline on cyberairlines before it shut down and really enjoyed that game.

I am based out of Montreal and have leased 5 Embraer 195 LR.

I will be flying return daily Montreal to Calgary, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Los Angels and Dallas.

I have set up my schedule but am waiting for the lease planes to arrive from San Jose.

I have 450K left and think that might not be enough, but have not flown a flight yet so who knows!

I am willing to reset and start over is I messed things up or to fit into an alliance's schema.

Thanks for your replies.

Kyle Corey

From previous experience operating out of Montreal, your flights to Las Vegas, Dallas, and Los Angeles will not be very successful. You’ll have far more success with regional domestic flights from Montreal. Cyberairlines and AirlineSim are very different games, so please make sure to read up as much as possible on guides and forum posts. Lastly, you’ll need to have a successful, profitable airline with a AAA financial rating that has operated for at least a few weeks if not a few months before top alliances will be willing to accept you. It’s not easy, but the outcome is very rewarding. Stick with it and you’ll see results.

Welcome to AirlineSim!

Best of luck,