New Player looking for help


I am a new player to airlinesim. I played airwaysim for a few years now, but their model really hasn't changed much and every game pretty much has the same strategy. I am looking for another airline simulation game and came across Airlinesim. I wanted to get some advice on what is a good strategy to employ to start a new airline. I do know if any alliances are out there for new players and such. Any help is appreciated.

Please read this.

There are also a lot of tutorials on youtube, but I don't have the respective links on hand.

Thanks for the link....Are alliances active in this simulation or not really?

Alliances  active but only for communication. No advantage for your airline. More important are good interlinigs.

What is the best way for Newb's to really get a handle on the simulation. in Airwaysim usually the alliances recruit new players and help them learn the ropes.

There are players/alliances doing that here as well. I have personally mentored many newbies and got them familiar with the game. Sadly I am very short on time until September next year but I could answer any question that you ask me and I can advise you if you provide me with the airline and server. If you need help please send me a PM.

Also reading this and the forum truly helps. Reading the latest 100 or so topics in the Community Support forum, also some airline press releases can be helpful. 

Personally I played the game for atleast a month and 4 tries before getting profitable. I tried everything until finally on my 5th try seeing green numbers. Then I got 2 fantastic mentors which basically though me the basics of the game but still left it for myself to explore so that I did not lose the joy of playing it. Even though I did a lot of studying myself and I was never actually told exactly what to do.

anyone willing to mentor me for a while to help me get the better understand the mechanics of the simulation?

What server are you on and which airline?

I think CitationX is on riem:


I am always willing to help new players on the Tempelhof server.


i would be willing to join any server to be able to get someone to help me learn the simulation

sending you a PM

For a new player Riem is a bad choice as it's a harder world meant for advanced players.