New Private game world " Nancy Bird Walton "


I’m willing to open a new exclusive game world if there are enough people interested in joining.
Game has not yet started, if enought people want to join, we can start as soon as possible.

Game settings would be :

Holdings: MAX 5 per player
• At the start, each player will get 3 holdings.

These should be on different continents.

Starting money is 70m.

• 1 month later, you can add 2 more holdings.

These should be at airports with max 7 bars

Starting money is 70m.

• Each holding can have 2 hub airports.

First hub will always be exclusive to the player.

Second hub is NOT exclusive. Other players can add flight to and from that airport to where ever they want.

Exclusive hub chose has first dips on anyone’s second hub chose.

Example : Airline A and B :

Airline A has LAX and JFK as hubs.

Airline B has EWR and DEN as hubs.

Airline A can starts flights from DEN to where ever they want. But from EWR only LAX-EWR and EWR - LAX.

If Airline B choses JFK as primarly hub, Airline A has to chose a new second hub.

( before game start - once game started the primarly hub has to be chosen from free airports ).

Meaning of all this is to create a game that looks a bit like the real world without having to “ fight “ for passengers and slots on your own airport.

General settings:

• Ground network: On;
• Single slots;
• Nighttime bans: off;
• Dynamic turnaround times: On;
• Availability of aircraft: From Boeing 787’s and Airbus A350’s to MD-11’s and DC-10’s
• Used aircraft: Yes, But it’s forbidden to lease aircrafts that are older than 10 years ( to prevent to growth difference between airlines and slot blocking )

• Global demand for passengers and cargo: 70% at start, will be increased over time.
• Wide bodies distance limitation: No;
• Maximum of 60 flights a day between two airports by a holding (max. 48 pax + 12 cargo or max. 48 cargo + 12 pax)
• IPO: No
• Real airline name and logos allowed: Yes, fictional as well.
• Open Investment countries: Yes – A player can fly between SYD - SIN - LHR as long the stopover ( SIN ) is not a exclusive ( first ) hub chose.
• A passenger holding can have a cargo subsidiary and vice versa.
• IL between own holdings is allowed.
• Players are not allowed to lease planes from one of their holdings to another of their holdings. They are, however, allowed to lease planes within the same holding or to other players.
• UK is not part of the EU treaty.
• Payment is per quarter and is based on the price for the server divided by the number of players.

At least 18 players should be needed.

€360 per month for the server X 3 = €1080 per quarter

€360 / 18 players = €20 each player X 3 = 60 euro per quarter for each player.

If you are interested to join on a long term, please let me know. For more questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile: .

Discord page :



I’m interested. I want to join the discord as well but when I click it, it doesn’t add to my discord.

Does it work when you click now?

Still places left and nice airports avaliable.

We are about to order the server. Take your chance to join us from day 1 onwards!

There still are some nice places available such as complete India, China, South East Asia, Korea, parts of Europe and even some of the hubs mentioned in the previous list.

Just join our Discord server and we’ll find some nice spots for you!

Server has been activated! Still places left, feel free to join the discord page and choose your airlines !!

We still have spaces left and also some nice airports and airlines. Feel free to check the page of discord or the game world and ask any questions :slight_smile: !