New QUimby

Congratulations team on the new world. IT IS AMAZING I absolutely love the layout it makes things so much more easier to be able to plan

And also the mobile version is extremely good also, million times more slick than before

I like the fact the server is processing much quicker than Devau or Pearls. Might be because of less data there. In terms of graphic and user interface I'm not  impressed. Feels more like "work" than a game now but I guess you get used to almost everything.

I feel totaly in the same way whit the graphics and both colour themes are not good acording to me. But I like the new functions and applications you have added.

I like the new functions but the new colours will take some time to get used to,

The new colours are very good and look just as good as Dark on Football Manager

It took me quite some time to get used to new colors, but I actually already got used to the black interface.

I dropped the new version of the game at this time, because I am 53, and I find the colors used in the background too tiring for the eyes.


Just try the light gray as background.
The dark gray background I find too exhausting for my eyes.