New Route Planning Tool

Airports are have less and less slots available. So it cost a lot of time to add a schedule to your plane. Especially when you want the plane to fly at the same time, the entire week. Is it possible to implement a route planning which automatically goes to the free slots for the applicable days? So when I want to have a flight starting at 10am, every day. The route planning automatically looks for free slots nearest to 10am for all days. This can save A LOT of anyoing time looking for free slots.

You can check this out at "Slots" bar, which when you click on 10am at "XX%", it will show you the overall slot for the hour in whole week.

This is exactly what I was thinking...

For example, lets say I am creating a new flight schedule for an airplane.

I select the airports for “From” and “To”, set the “Departure” to 12:30, then I click on “Create New Flight Number”.

Next I see a couple of days in red and green. Now, I have to go minute by minute forward (or backwards if there are no flights before this one) to find a slot that is available for all 7 days (or deselect the red days).

What would be awesome are 2 buttons next to the hours and minutes that take you to the next POSSIBLE time slot before or after the currently selected time.

And before someone says this removes some of the fun… let’s have a poll whether people consider it fun or not :slight_smile:

I for one find it very annoying, as my Internet line is slow and sometimes it takes 5 seconds or more for it to move one minute… so searching for a available slot can take minutes for 1 flight.