New Temporary World Idea

It would be interesting to have a new temporary world like Domination but no treaties, no ground networks and no ultra cheap old planes. If you want to invest outside your market you have to pay a fee to get traffic rights. It basically keeps the same game mechanics but it leads to a completely different strategies to dominate an area especially Europe. Also if you had the ability you could even break up places like US and China into regions to make them more similar to the EU disbandment.

I know its not everyone’s idea but It just seemed interesting to me to have a like 90’s early 2000’s throwback world with no mega areas to rule.

i want to join it,it sounds good

I’ll join this world.

Breaking up china and the US on a public world would be really hard to enforce due to the limitations of the software. So would paying for traffic rights.
No ground networks hasn’t been seen since Devau which is almost 15 years old. I think there might be a reason why that hasn’t been repeated since, just by loking at the sheer amount of slots in NYC used up in intra airport flights.

You could definitely look into seeing whether it is viable (players wise) hosting a private world with these settings though… I would personally not be expecting too much innovation officially in this department, in light of the ASTD being well in development, but I am always open to surprises of course :slight_smile: