New terminal at Munich (MUC)


Welcome to our brand new top of the notch 5 star terminal with jetbridges.

We offer terminal services at Munich (MUC) with three separate service plans. Initial capacity of the terminal is 15000 weekly PAX, but after a successfull IPO it will be increased to 20000 weekly PAX initially. All contracts are in increments of 50 only ! No contracts such as 2132 weekly will be excepted !


Available to all Airlines in Aspern. Rate is 10.45 per PAX. Up to 50% of terminal capacity is sold with this plan, and the plan is guaranteed capacity until further notice from our side. This is the plan for you if you do not want to become a shareholder.


Available to all Airlines in Aspern. Rate is 10.12 per PAX. Whatever capacity is left over from the shareholder and standard plans is sold with this plan. IMPORTANT NOTE ! This plan is subject to termination from our side, should a shareholder demand the capacity to itself and it cannot be aqcuired otherwise. This is the plan for you if you are prepared to carry that risk and/or you are planning to become a shareholder at a later date.


Available to Iceport MUC Shareholders or controlled subsidiries of Iceport MUC shareholders only. You need to own twice the amount of shares proportional to your needed capacity. Ie if you need 10% of the available capacity, you need to own 20% of the stock. You need to own the stocks for the entire duration of your plan. If your ownership falls below the capacity requirements, then your plan is subject to termination. That can only happen if you sell your shares while the plan is in effect though.

The rate is 7.70 per PAX, and additionally you will receive dividends from the company on a weekly basis.

This is the plan for you if you want to get the best possible service at the lowest possible price. Remember, the shares are not expenses, they have an after market value. If you at some point decide to terminate the plan, you can sell the shares to other airlines to recover your investment.


Main shareholder Icelandic Air Shuttle will launch an IPO as soon as allowed by AS system. If you subscribe to the IPO, you also become a shareholder. After the IPO Icelandic Air Shuttle is prepared to sell it’s own stock as long as Icelandic Air Shuttles own ownership remains above 50%. All transactions are executed through the stock market.

Also as the terminal grows in the future, current shareholders will be having more shares than they need to hold on to their shareholder plans. At that time the shares will become more available as shareholders put unneeded capacity into the market.

Book your capacities now while supplies last !