New Terminals

[font="Arial Narrow"][size="4"]There is now Pax terminals in KEF og LCY

There are now cargo terminals in KEF & J[/size][/font][font="Arial Narrow"][size="4"][b]FK


If there is no more, you can just write to us, and we see what we can do, or do you wish for a pax / cargo terminal somewhere else … so write


City Jet Airways & Holding…[/size][/font]

I still have some ground service in

Keflavik (Iceland)

¤Pax-terminal | Price: [b]$ 10.45 per. Unit (-5[/b][b]%[/b])

¤Cargo Terminal | Price: [b]$ 21.25 per. Unit (-15%)


United Kingdom

London (LCY)

¤Pax-terminal price[b] $ 9.90 (-10%)[/b]

Hi. I sent a PM please let me know what you think!