New to airlinesim

Hi everyone! Just joined and looking forward to getting myself into this sim, and understanding it better. It is very complex, and I am very unsure of many things, but I have found a few blog entries, with good guides, so I am sure over time I will get there.

The one question I have, and can’t seem to find an answer to it. I have just scheduled my first 4 aircraft. Once activating the schedule, I had a look at th e flights/load factors, and I was surprised to see that all but one (OTP-MXP) had 0 LF. I was expecting a slow start, but all routes to be on 0% LF seems a bit extreme. Am I missing a way of checking was the demand on certain routes is, or is it just a game of trial and error? Also, is the load factor for a certain flight locked in, or is there still a chance more tickets will be sold before the flight?

Many thanks. Very sorry if the answer is obvious or if I;'ve missed some crucial piece of info. :slight_smile:

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Patience is key here. :slight_smile:
I assume that you have activated the flights today. It will take some days to fill. If there is demand between OTP and MXP which I cannot tell. You may want to check on if that flight is also scheduled in reality.
Then you may want to check at what time the demand calculation is done. You can see that time on each station information page. Only at that time the demand is calculated and after that the numbers should change.
And yes, over time the passengers will book you more frequently if you are offering good seats, service and connections.

Flightsfrom is a helpful tool, but … The data there seems to be more up-to-date than that from AirlineSim. You should also consult the English Wikipedia for potential direct routes.

That is fantastic. Thank you so much for the quick reply. I could slowly see more passengers booked on my flights, and they’re actually starting to look alright (for a first flight). I was just unsure, with it being quite a complex simulation, whether I had missed something and that’s why no one was showing as booked. Many thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.

Thank you so much for the reply and suggestion. I will do. So the siulation tends to follow real life demand? That’s quite neat.

Real data helps you to find working routes, but you have to try and error. :slight_smile: But more important is to build a good hub & spoke system.

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Hey, welcome to the forums! Glad to see your question has already been answered! Here’s also a link to our new handbook with the beginner’s guide, maybe that will help as well :slight_smile: Handbook | AirlineSim Handbook

Yeah, though datasets are not evenly patched whatsoever. Some data is recent, some is not so much.