New to the game

Hi, I recently started playing Airlinesim.
A few days ago, I started a new airline in Mexico City in Ellinikon.
The airline is called ETVT Airlines and flies from MEX fo LHR, NRT and GRU and from CUN to GRU. There are a lot of flights between MEX and these destinations in real life, but we are the only ones that operate these routes in the game.
I only use an a350-1000 and none of our flights are—for obvious reasons daly flights. The a350-1000 has 8 Luxury Suites in First Class, 36 Open Suites in Business Class and 234 Leisure Plus seats with and extra inch in Economy.
Despite having 5 green lines in Service Profile and tons of connections due to our interlining agreements with the one of the major airlines in Mexico, the major airline in Brazil, one of the major airlines in Europe and the major one in Japan, our flights barely have passengers, at most we get 10 passengers across all classes. Was it a bad idea to only serve Long Haul flights, is it the fact that our flights are not daly or should I just wait a little time for passengers to arrive?
I would really appreciate your advice
Thank you

You might search the forum and find out yourself.
If not, you can pm me.

Long-haul should not be something you consider until you have 1000+ local and regional flights connecting to your hub. Also, focus on one hub at the start (don’t fly long-haul from both MEX and CUN) and set up a wave system (all flights arriving and leaving your hub together, with just the minimum time required to make the connection).
And once you do fly long-haul (which should still be a long way ahead), start with smaller planes like the A330 and 787, and only go for A350s once you see you are capable of filling the former.
Oh, and your Economy seats are too poor. For something like MEX-LHR or MEX-GRU, passengers will sneer at anything less than Comfort Plus. Business and First Class seem good if you have enough flight assistants and maxed out the service profiles.

Please, please look at the forum for similar questions like this. Just type Airlinesim tutorial and results will come up!

It will never work! In Mexico you need domestic service.