New World "Halifax"



I have started a private game world named Halifax and welcoming new players.

The world is set up as follows

  • No ground networks
  • Standard slots
  • Nighttime ban at various airports
  • Used aircraft
  • IL permitted between holdings
  • IPOs allowed
  • New ORS
  • No limits on how many holdings per player
  • 75 million in start up funds (up to 3 holdings)
  • No limit on how many players per country

Player Requirements

  • WhatsApp for communication between players
  • Monthly payments required 14.50 EURO (due by the 1st of every month)

Right now there are openings for 10 players, if you are interested in joining please PM me.


I would join I think It would be fun



Sure thing. Send me your in game user name and I will have you added.


I would like to join too!


tommybotts1 is my in game thing


You have been added to the world


you need to get rid of the used TU and russain planes can you also add me to the whats app


I would like to join too, zwirnie is my name there too


I would be keen to join. Have sent you a messsge. My username is same name as on here.



Would like to join also, same username as here :slight_smile:


I would like to join
my username is the same as here


Hi, I would also like to join. Are there still available slots?
My ingame usename is the same as here.


Hey everyone, there is still more room for players…PM me if you are interested.



I would like to join Halifax my name marbul1 :slight_smile:


I am interested in joining this World.


I’m interested. Name is same as on here. Thanks :slight_smile:


I woud be interested too.:grinning:


Yeah i’d like to join this server. Username is BlueYoda8


Interested in a spot if you still have it open.


Many spots still open.