Newbie, a few questions

Ive recently started playing the game. I have a few questions.

First is with regards to scheduling. To test out the profitability of routes, I scheduled some flights. Upon finding out that the route is not profitable, however I changed the schedules and activated the new schedule. Unfortunately the older flights were still schedules and I am having concurrent flights from the previous schedule and the new one. Many flights were cancelled and the planes sitting idle in airports. I could not manually cancel the flights that I wanted to (I’m assuming because I already had bookings for it) so it had to be automatically cancelled because the plane was not at the airport.

Secondly, is there a way to find out the profitability of routes instead of manually trying them out? I do know that there is an option under Aircraft Type Evaluation. However that requires me to randomly type in airports in the area to find a good connection. Is there a way to find out the type of market for example mainly low cost or more premium service?

Thirdly, would spacing out flights after every flight be better than cramming the flights on a few days and letting the plane ‘rest’ a full day? Or does it not make a difference as long as the Maintenance Ratio is between 100 and 200%?

For the 1st question: you need to transfer your flight to your hub before, and go to you flight do delete you old schedule

2nd Try Online Reservation System or you can check on your route manage page in each route

3rd Fly as many as you can I let my flight sleep after 22.00 until 5.00 then start flying everyday

Hope my answer can work you out

Good luck


If you change a schedule, use the <activate with 3 days delay> button. That will also give you an idea how much demand is on a route. If the plane is fully booked 3 days ahead, you’ve struck gold :wink:

But you can cancel scheduled flights manually. Do it only if it is cheaper to pay compensation to the passengers than to fly a half empty plane.

There is only one way to find out how much demand there is for any given route… trial and error. The aircraft evaluation tool allows you to compare different planes and the online reservation system tells you how much passengers like the flights on a given route. There is no tool that tells you how many passengers want to fly from A to B. You can remove one return flight from an existing schedule (even for one day only) and insert a route you want to try out. That one flight will give you an idea and your airline won’t go bankrupt.

Daily maintenance is better than one weekly ‘resting’ day. The technical condition of your plane won’t drop so much that the plane is grounded. Another reason is that you make better use of the slots.


Noted. Thank you for the replies! Another quick question. One of me plane’s condition is 48% and the flight got grounded. What can I do to rectify this, or is automatic? Also, is maintenance only done at the base airport? My flight is now in BLR but the next scheduled flight from BLR is only at 5 pm the next day. So do I cancel every flight in between and wait till tomorrow? This would cost alot as I would need to compensate for the cancelled flights which are all fully booked.

First of all you need a maintanance company. If you have the default Values of the game still working you have a Maintanance Company selected for you but you should have a look and choose one maintanance company that suits you. Then you need to relook on your shedule. The Maintanance level should be between 100-200%. Short and Medium Range aircrafts normally do 3-4 flights a day and need then 4-5 hrs continues rest time. During that Time maintenance will be done regardless on what airport you are. But you need 4-5 hrs rest time in one Block. Since you are with your flight at 48% your flight was automaticly grounded. I would suggest that you cancel the flights in between and give the aircraft time to get back to 100%. If you wait not enough your plane will be grounded again.