newly started company on canary islands looking for interlining


Hi fellow CEOs,

I have juste started playing again and would just like to ask if anyone is interested in an interlining agreement with my company "Aero Los Canarias". We serve several from flight from and to Las Palmas (from Fuerteventura, Tenerife South and Arecife), thinking about adding flights to the spanish mainland and/or Portugal.

Any offers are welcome and will be checked short-term.



I would suggest that you determine who you really want to Interline with an send the airline in question an offer and a message of why you want a interlining contract with him. Usually not many airlines will themselfs offer a contract to a start up. When you have showed yourself and offer many connections, I am sure you will get flooded with ILs. By the way you are the only airline with Spanish rights flying in the Canary Islands so I would suggest flights to West Africa and connecting them to flights in Southern Europe. 


CBE do you think that flights to Egypt will work for this guy