Nicosia down?

Is anyone else having problems with Nicosia?

I have been having problems with it the last few days. I have not been able to find any info about the current lag in the updating, but I guess it is the same as in December. I hope it gets fixed soon. If necessary I suggest the team make a daily down time period, where the server can catch up, if that would create less problems.

Unfortunately Nicosia is down again.

Quite often within the last days :frowning:

Yes you’re right :(

Actually, it’s just slow for the moment. Nothing “down”.

Down ²

Looking into it right now.

My guess: Los Angeles, Atlanta or some other of the US mega-hubs on Nicosia.

EDIT: Indeed, Nicosia is working on LAX right now. Rebooted the game the and the database.


Deletion of Omikron Airways is maybe the solution.

i notice that some fonction take so much time that sometime make me stop play, its like that for some time now. There a list of ting that drive me crazy, when i want to see list of mi office, when i want to see stats of some airport, market share on route, when i want to lease a dash lol (him writing this post will i waiting for the dash page to finsih open, maybe 15min now) and so on…

I’m also experiencing awful delays while requesting the most simple pages, especially as from 6pm (utc). Really frustrating…

Another slow day on Nicosia?

I’m afraid, for the forseeable future, most days will be slow for Nicosia.

Some airports in the US have reached a size in terms of possible connections that’s beyond what AirlineSim can handle. I’m thinking a lot about how one could go about this problem, but as of now, I haven’t found a solution.

The first software far ahead of any hardware?