Nicosia: Lot of backlog, slow performance

Just want to let you know that we are aware of the current back-log that Nicosia has built up.

Unfortunately we are clueless as to why this is the case. We are investigating and will probably order new hardware in case all other means fail. This won’t happen before the upcoming patchday though as I’d like to try out a few performance optimizations.

And again…

Come on guys, that can´t be possible…

Often said and more often ignored by the team. But we are paying for playing here - DO YOUR JOB!

Nicosia doesn´t run like it should. Thats costs real money, and also the money in the game. Setting up transfer flights, which doesn´t depart on time due to a server back-log, means that regular flights will be canceled…Ever thought about that?

Will you compare this loss of credits and "in-game-money". If yes…okay, you can take your time…but if not…hurry up with a solution.

No flights are canceled! Regular flights are also delayed than transfer flights if there is a backlog!!!! Don’t state anything which is not true!

Yeah, I know…you are always right and the others are talking shit…Everytime the same

Can you explain that (an example): Transfer scheduled for 14:45HT with arrival at 16:20HT, first departure scheduled at 23:30HT Hamburg (destination of transfer). Due to server backlog no departure of transfer-flight on time. The scheduled flight at Hamburg got cancelled, aircraft still in air on way to Hamburg. Can you explain that…? I´m sorry, I don´t know the flightnumbers of these flights, all that happend yesterday after teh backlog of more than 14 hours…

You should provide some more information on accusing something like this so we may check it. I’m not saying that other say “shit”, but the regular and transfer flights are all in the same back log and calculated in the order of their departure. So don’t know why it should be different in this case.

That’s true, but they are not booked into the system the same way. Transfer flights are scheduled 30 minutes from Hub time as it should be (server delay has no effect).

Regular flights are booked into the system according to the delay.

That’s true, but he wasn’t claiming this ;)

[color=#1C2837][size=2]"…but the regular and transfer flights are all in the same back log…" [/size][/color]

Don’t get the point, to be honest.

He complained about the following:

And this could not happen as the transfer flight and regular flight are in the same backlog, nothing else. Maybe I misunderstood you.