Nicosia slow?

Nicosia is slowing more with each passing week. Is this a general problem or just my account. Recently I have been unable to open several areas of the game including office option which makes it really difficult to monitor all of my offices as I have to open all of them seperately via the search bar. This takes a long time as I have 102 offices.

Any help would be greatfully received.


We got two issues on Nicosia, that are indirectly interrelated.

(1) The "usual" statistics problem that affects all game worlds to some extend, making queries for statistics-heavy pages likes offices and "facts and figures" pages very slow. We are trying to come up with a solution for that, but since not a single database expert is on our team, we are having a really hard time doing so.

(2) The immense amount of connections in the US. The problem is actually “visible” when you take a look at these stats: The predominant players in the US on Nicosia are so large that it is beyond anything AirlineSim was ever designed for. The far largest airports in terms of connections, PHX, LAX and ATL, are now causing the demand distribution to fail on a regular basis. We are also trying to find a fix for this issue, but as of now I’m afraid the most likely solution will have effects on the booking behavior. And hopefully you can understand that I can only apply such a patch when construction of my fortified bunker has been completed and my water and food reservers are filled up to a level so I can survive in there for several weeks while the community is trying to weld a hole into the steel door.

thanks for the info!

better consider a second line of defence… :wink:

but this is getting ridiculous. when the system can’t even handle this workload anymore and there is no software sided solution at hand… It’s not that I mind trying to find a niche, actually, I think I found a pretty nice one on Nacosia, but do you know what really keeps me from establishing a new airline? it’s not the big players but the constant error msg when trying to load a page…

servers should reset after a certain time. it only costs money and resources…

thx for the info thou. overall, this game is great, just slow… :wink:


very interesting, but there is something I don´t understand. Where do all these connections come from ?


  1. Los Angeles 29.809.648

  2. Phoenix 29.154.957

  3. Atlanta 28.803.831

  1. Mexico City 12.331.176

apart from Devau, wich is even worse (1. Los Angeles 44.683.521 … 20. Singapore Changi 21.241.148)

all other Servers are far away from these numbers

Fornebu 1. Amsterdam 5.345.050

Croydon 1. Singapore Changi 11,722,308

Tempelhof 1. Los Angeles 11.455.309

Stapleton 1. Los Angeles 4.639.348

Kaitak 1. Los Angeles 8.757.175

Idlewild 1. Amsterdam 9.872.999

So, exept Devau, wich I understand even less then Nicosia, none of the other number 1 airports would even make into the top 20 on Nicosia or Devau.

So whats so different about Nicosia and Devau.

The size of the Nicosia US-carriers can not really be the problem, comparing them to the ones we have on Croydon there is no real difference.

Overall seat passanger capacity/week of top20 us-airlines (roughly)

Croydon: 33 Milion Seats

Nicosia: 34 Million Seats

Now, comparing Los Angeles on Nicosia and Croydon I get even more confused.

Airports: connections

Croydon: 10,550,408

Nicosia: 29.809.648


Number of weekly flights (roughly)

Croydon: 14.000

Nicosia: 10.200

Transport figures (last week)

Croydon: 1.621.346 Seats

Nicosia: 1.292.810 Seats

So, again, where do all those connections come from ?

Theres only two things I can think of, that could explane it:

  1. Interlining, maybe those Nicosia-US-airlines interline more then the ones on Croydon.

  2. There is something different in the way those possible connections are calculated on Nicosia and Devau compared to all other servers.

Maybe someone has an idea, I am really very curious about this.

all the best


I can’t really answer your questions, but I can throw in some further possible reasons:


[*]Stiffer competition/very similar products -> passengers evenly distributed -> more "non-full" flights -> more connections

[*]Many available (non-full) flights between certain hubs (each additional flight can crank up the found connections considerably)


The problem is that no one can really tell what’s the cause…it’s so many different parameters at once. Nicosia shares identical code with all other game worlds. The only difference is Devau with its longer transfer times and absence of ground networks.

Any news on how the update went??

There has to be alot of other players who has also lost a lot of bookings since the update??

All of my 3 airlines has lost about 10-20% of its bookings and its starting to get crtical.

There has to be something wrong after the update… because all of my routes have lost bookings without new competitors on the routes…

Really hope u guys can propably check it out asap!


My seat load factor ist going back too. But i will wait for the week-end-closing to see the differents for reality results.

But you talking about it’s going critical? How it comes that so a small difference is going critical?

The weekend closing is here. And I have an booking decrease of 9% even with increase in capasity. So yes for me its getting critical,even if I for the last 1,5 year had has a healthy economic growing airline… I really hope that this will be fixed. I cant see any other reason to why the booking has decreased so much. Theres been no increse on the ticket price and no new competiors… :(

Me too , arround -10% on all of my airlines.

Wäre nett wenn das Team was dazu sagen könnte.

Liebe Grüße


There are very few reports so far and the actual differences in bookings should be manageable to any well-run airline.

We are simulating a global crisis due to a large scale terror attack right now (replace with an epidemic, war outbreak or stock market collapse if you prefer), so passenger and freight numbers are dropping worldwide due to a cooling economic climate. :wink:

Embrace change!

Simulating a terror attack? Since when? Without letting us know?

Theres a lot of players complaining about the lack of bookings in the develoment logbook on the [size="3"][color="#284b72"]Wednesday, February 8th, 2012[/color][/size] threat…

Hope you guys will do something about this soon.

How long are you gonna simulate this global crisis, and how many players do you try to get rid off? From having 22M in profit 2 weeks ago, it looks like this week will end with a loss! You cant be serious about this!!


Of course we are NOT simulating anything. But what if we were? What if we would introduce sudden or less sudden demand fluctuations? Would that be a bad thing or a good thing? This current change we are dealing with is not a catastrophe, unless all you want to do in the game is have a constant revenue stream, stable profits and overall nothing to worry about. I mean, this is a business simulation. It should be a challenge to face events like this.

Anyhow…I adjusted the overall demand factor a bit upwards and I suppose the effect will kick in sometime tomorrow.


you are absolutely right, it´s a simulation and in the real aviation business problems occouring very often caused by crises, war or weather. BUT in the real world no airline stops operations after 3 or 4 weeks with a loss. Banks are providing money, and also more other things will happen befor an airline will be grounded…you should also think about these facts if you are talking about the real world. To face situations like this, it´s also important to provide tools like in the real world…real catastrophy/crisis means real tools to react… ;) (auf deutsch: keine halben Sachen, entweder richtig oder garnicht…)

God to hear that youre doing something about this… I can see that the demand is not constant, and that competitors and fuelprices are making challenges and upportunities in the game, and thats good.

But when You have been playing and buiding youre airline in this simulation over the years, its frustrated if it should cease because of some server problem. The lack of bookings startet almost a week ago.

Nice to see that youre finally admit theres a problem and that youre working on it… thats all I ask… Hope to see some improvments tomorrow… I know theres a lot of people who uses a lot of time on this game:)


my profit collapsed by about 50%. ouch.

I still cant see any change on Nicosia server!! The bookings is still down by more than 10%…

Can you at least please update us on the situation???

Nothing will be changed by you spamming every possible thread with your ramblings.

I’m pretty sure most to all noteworthy things concerning this issue have been said and discussed.

Spamming every possible thread? Can’t you see that this a problem that effects a lot of members?

When has ever beeing active in on the forum compared to being a spammer?

I guess its to much to ask for a properly answer? and not just rude ones.