Nicosia Stuck

Seems to be stuck

Is it just me or could this damn server need a HUGE kick in its ass?! It’s slow for several weeks now. That’s no fun anymore. :(

Dear Martin,


Nicosia was/is updating Los Angeles - this takes unfortunately some time :(

Looks like it is stuck again.

What did you do to this server. As I mentioned in a previous post since Stapelton exists Nic is extremely fragile.

Edit: Just saw that it “stoped” again at LAX. How can this update take over 40 minutes? I think on other servers this doesn’t take that long or am i wrong? I am really annoyed because of all this “downtimes”.

Hey Airlinesim Team,

I pay credits every day, so I also want to be able to play every day. Think about it. It’s still a great game - when it runs - which doesn’t happen very often during the last days.


Yes I have to agree.I am unable to log into Nicosia again. This is becoming very annoying.

Once again, Nicosia is slooooow.

More than 4 hours delay already… Is it a hardware problem?

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t happen this often if they knew what it was.