Nicosia/Tempelhof: Current status


that’s what John Cleese/Basil Fawlty said… it would be much easier to run this hotel if there were no customers around

I am convinced that you are doing your very best, and I honestly appreciate your efforts. But in the end the game is not performing as it should, and that’s why I (and others) complain.

By the way, the ORS (or data base access/performance) may have improved a little, but Tempelhof is again half an hour behind schedule. It just took the Tempelhof server 348 seconds (almost 6 minutes) to enter flights into the ORS… It also seems as if it takes much longer to open pages that need data base access. Have you guys changed access priorities or so ?


I dont understand watching airports take 3 minutes to update. Especially when they have 0 offices and 0 flights into them? Seems every flight last few days just increases how far behind the tempelhof server is behind. They could help server lag by:

any airport with 0 flights gets updated every 2 days instead of everyday.


Tempelhof is really chewing on the daily update now… been stuck on it for the last 10 minutes.


Edit: in the end it took 45 minutes to perform the daily update.

and again, 3 hours behind, 220,953 seconds for entering flights in the ors. don’t tell me there were REALLY so many new flights… i won’t believe it. there must be another problem - in the code, in the database, i don’t know where…

edit: 230,177 seconds for updating cambridge (25 flights per day…)

We never said there wasn’t. We said a.) we don’t know how to solve them and b.) better hardware alone won’t fix it.


is this problem still under investigation or is it simply accepted now??



Try something !!

Don t accept that your project is a sinking ship. There are still users paying for it.

Just because we don’t know how to fix it right now doesn’t mean we aren’t trying. Sorry if my statement made you get a wrong impression.

It’s just that we can’t expect to find a solution overnight since the issues affect core features of AirlineSim that are neither simple nor optional.

Nobody stated that AirlineSim is a sinking ship - well - nobody important enough at least -_-

I think we all do understand that you are trying to find a fix but I just wanted to warn that the players like me are getting frustuated.

When I started playing the game a year ago, it was a lot better experience. Is it that the modifications done during the last few months are causing the issues? If that is the case cant you rollback to a previous release/version?

Nevertheless, I just wanted to say is please guys find a solution quickly.

Atm 8h backlog…

At least you’re still trying, nice to hear. Some statements gave some of us another impression. I’d like to now too if it is an option to roll back to a previous version even though I’m afraid it isn’t.

Well - I want to make clear that I love Airlinesim, it’s a great game (the best browsergame I’ve ever played) otherwise I won’t be p(l)aying it for almost 2 years now, but atm it’s almost unplayable and I am not willing to spend more money on a game I love but cannot play properly. So if my credits run out and the game isn’t fixed I’m gone. I’m very sad because I put a lot of work and love in it, as most players here do. I understand that you have other projects you must work on to earn money but you can’t expect us to keep paying for something that doesn’t work properly. Just wanted to point that out.

I did. I am important enaugh for my self. Who cares about others.

First time I hear that you are still trying and that is nice. I thought you accepted the fact that there is no solutuion for the Tempelhof Server

That’s a whole damn year of hard work…please find a solution :)

Enter flights into the ORS

Miscellaneous updates 06:52:24 14.12.2011 07:12:24 83,267 ms

What would happen if you changed this process to 1 hr from 30 mins?

Update flights 07:19:01 14.12.2011 07:20:01 10,416 ms

from every 1 min to maybe 10 mins between updates.

Seems the server has to do a lot of processes every 22 seconds to keep up, for every process that takes longer then 22 seconds it delays the next from happening causing the server to lag behind and causing it to have to try and play catch up the whole day. Seems kinda like it has to do 1 proccess at a time before it can move to another. I would figure the server would be a quad core with 2 cores dedicated to each game server, yet seems maybe only 1 core per game server. I watch it an hr a day and seems larger airports always take longer then 22 seconds but even the low demand take more then 22. Alot of it makes no sense why an airport with no traffic would sometimes take more then the 22 seconds wish i could write down every 0 flight airport that takes longer but would be nearly impossible.


Tempelhof is back online and several pages seem to open faster. We shall see soon enough if the server manages to catch up the delay (now under 5 hours) and if it stays that way.

Thanks anyway for trying to find a solution.


Almost there… less than one hour behind schedule now. Splendid :D


It’s up to date now. Let’s see how it works out the next few days, it looks good for now! :slight_smile:

i still can’t access tempelhof… o_O

Me, too. Nor with my tab via "google chrome" or per the portal.

In fact, via the regular route, me neither. My provider still hasn’t updated his DNS records and your’s probably haven’t either.