Nicosia/Tempelhof: Current status

so how can some people up there can access tempelhof…?!

It’s a provider-specific issue. My provider has updated his DNS records by now, your’s maybe hasn’t.


I was lucky then… Tempelhof showed up again around 2 AM last night :slight_smile:

It may help (in the future) if you set a lower TTL in your DNS records… a setting of 86400 is fine under normal circumstances. But when you order new hardware, you could change the setting to 3600. That way, your DNS records are checked every hour. It would then not take a whole day until the whole world has connected your domain name to the new IP address. Just a hint ;)


I usually do that, just forgot about it this time :unsure:

Glad I can finally use the ORS more often. Vast improvements!

It looks like the problem is solved. Thanks!