No. 4 Cost of time slots

  1. Cost of time slots. In reality, airlines have to pay to acquire or rent time slots. If we can do the same, the game will be more close to reality.
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This statement is false, at least in the region of the world I live in :joy:

In fact, in the EU, airport slots are free by law. And allocation of slots is based on obscure systems. When slots are traded for money, those are inofficial, indirect deals between airlines. I might be wrong and things have changed by now, but I am fairly certain that’s still the case. It might also be that airport slots and airway slots are treated differently, but here I am not expert (and we don’t have the latter in AS).

And then obviously, the rules and regulations might be different around the world. Pretty sure I’ve had discussions about the slot situation in the US in particular, where airlines are typically terminal-constrained, not slot-constrained. In such a case, there might very well be “slot costs” if that means you have to build/buy/rent additional gates.

So long story short: This would need a lot more detail and discussion to make for a proper roadmap feature :wink:

Ah I see the case, you’re right. It’s not easy to build up a unified standard. Thank you for the explanation.