No. 5 Flexible airport costs

  1. Flexible airport costs. Airports can have flexible price for landing fee, ATC fee, pax and cargo handling fees, etc. Also for slots if number 4 is applicable. The amount of the fees should depend on how busy the airport is. This could slow down the growth of those giant airlines based in busy airports because they have to pay increasing fee. Also, combined with new “distribution system”, this can cultivate a strategy for players to use less busy airports to save cost.

If we could combine number 3,4,5 and the “distribution system”, we could have a very real simulation.


If suggestion 5 is applied, we could let alone the aircraft size limit for airports, as using small aircraft to bear high operational costs at a big airport is not worthwhile.

Love the ideas in here, defintely would support adding these to the roadmap if at all feasible.

No. 5 could also reduce the need for the “slot blocking” rules in place on small aircraft.

A general piece of advice for anyone who wants to pitch new ideas: It’s better to have one thread per topic, so they can be discussed separately and it’s easier for us and everyone else to see how interesting the idea is to people :slight_smile:

No worries, I will split them.

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Just to clarify, as costs already scale with airport size to some extend: What you imagine are dynamic fees that change over time depending on how busy the airport is?

My idea is about adding a new “business coefficient” into the calculation of the airport costs. The business coefficient can depend on the proportion of occupied time slots at the airport around the time of departure or arrival.

For example, if a flight is departing at 9:30, and the slots of the departure airport between 9 and 10 are fully occupied, then the airline may have the costs at the departure airport doubled.