No. 6 Advanced financing options

  1. Advanced financing options: The debt system could be improved. Players should be able to take debt at an earlier stage of the game, while selecting the repayment period on their own. Then the interest rate will depend on the amount and repayment period they choose. This could allow players to leverage their startup at start of games.

While certainly “realistic” (I guess), it would be “game design poison”. Leverage means faster growth. And growth is exponential. So by giving players additional resources early, that just accelerates the explosion of massive, all-dominating airlines.

Leverage is required to some extend to get the game going for a player…best example for that is leasing. But the dose matters.

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I agree. I think this mechanism can be introduced if we have higher penalties for giants (such as exponential maintenance cost for exceeding maintenance types).

Application of both mechanisms could help to solve the problem that players at the start have nothing to do, but have too much to do later. It would also make newbies easier to catch up with the giants.

However, this could completely refresh the order of the game, so it should be further discussed.

I mean, one can always play the “game design card” and provide cheap leverage to start-ups in some way (for example a special “development bank” supporting “young airlines” with attractive financing options) and then letting this dry up as airlines grow.