No booking classes? Why not this instead?

Hi guys,

It seems booking classes are not coming anytime soon. However I have been thinking about some issues I am facing with my airline. Before I express my idea, there are two key things:

  1. The importante one: if seen as an add on, it should not affect current worlds. In fact, if you want to, you can carry on playing the way it is now.

  2. It is not perfect. But I think it adds a few additional interesting functionalities to the game.

I do not know how difficult it is to implement. But the idea is to limit PAX that are not connecting from another flight. Let me explain:
Imagine I have a hub in A, with two main connecting waves (1 and 2). Due to the nature of traffic, I have a route that easily fill my planes on OD passengers (let’s put that destination B). I fly this A-B route many times in one day, including in my connecting waves (1 and 2). The problem is that the A-B flights are full with OD passengers… I’m generally ok with that, but I would like to fill my A-B that are in the 1 and 2 connecting wave withs connection PAX.

Now here is the key factor. What if we could limit the number of PAX on certain flights A-B originating in A, so they are filled with connecting traffic? So the idea is to limit the number of pax originatin in A for the A-B flight.

Example: 50% of available seats on flight BA001 from A-B are not seen by the ORS (let’s say it gives it a negative marking) when pax originate in A. But importantly, these seats must be seen on connecting traffic when PAX originate from origin X (somehow the system should be abl to override the previous negative ORS rating).

I’m not sure I expressed myself well enough, but I hope some of you may understand what I mean and could have other ways of explaining it.

Of course, as I said, it’s not a perfect “solution”, but I think it provides additional functionalities for connecting flights. I have no idea how difficult/easy it is to implement. The good thing is, if you don’t like it, you are need to use this functionality - you can carry on playing how it is now.

While the release of the booking classes is postponed indefinitely, that doesn’t mean they will never make it into the game. The use-case you described is a perfect example for why we want to add booking classes in the first place. But your partial solution is a non-trivial thing to implement as well. So rather than spending time and resources on a partial solution while we have a “proper” one already in the pipeline, we’d much prefer to spend that time on said proper solution instead.

Hi Martin,

Is there anything the AS community can do to help convince you to restart development of booking classes?

If it is an issue of recurring AS fees not covering the development cost, would you consider a crowdfunding approach for example?

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Not really. The bottleneck is manpower, and as long as we are handling all development work across all our projects (in-house and for external customers) with two developers only, progress will be slow. But let’s see how things develop over the course of the year…

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