(Noob question) How to remove cargo from my airline?


I’m enjoying my first experience in AS, however there are no tutorials at the moment so I have to find things out by myself.

Simple question : I evaluated cargo to not be worth the effort in my network : how to I stop cargo operations ? I can’t seem to find the option, unless I need to re-build a schedule ?

I have set up “no cargo and avoir bulk” as a main game setting and as far as I found, flights are schedules with “default” setting for cargo. Is that the correct simplest way to stop all cargo ops ? Can I cancel only cargo ops on my upcoming flights or will the next bookings spawn without cargo from now on?


Under settings>game settings, you can select no cargo and avoid bulk as the cargo setting. Although it doesn’t change for airport pairs that you already created flight numbers for, then you can go to the inventory page and change the cargo setting for that airport pair.

No Cargo and Avoid Bulk should do the trick.

It’ll only affect flights created after the change was made.

Just as an FYI, if you’re doing this because cargo is showing as a loss on your flight statement, it won’t save you as much as you think. Most of the expenses under “Cargo” now, will simply be divided up between your passenger classes and added to those expenses.

Ah thanks, I think I got it now. If I wanted to do it I’d have to manually choose the option in the inventory, but these settings are all quality-of-life options when setting up new flights and not overriding options ?

And thank you @racsofp it wasn’t that obvious to me. So they divide the total flight price to the prorata of each category participation to the revenue I guess. Now that you mention that, cargo might not be that much of a loss in the end in some of my city pairs. It was opaque to me why I’d pay more ATC fees, IRL it depends only on the route and the MTOW of the plane. If I got it right, only cargo handling is directly related to cargo ops

Correct. If you got rid of the breakdown for each flight and just looked at flight totals for flights with and without cargo, the expenses would be close to the same.

This is just me, but the only time I ever disable cargo is on routes with zero/near zero cargo that I am trying to shorten the turnaround time on to squeeze an extra flight in each day. If it’s not affecting the # of flights I can do, I leave it on, even if the cargo is minimal (or even zero).

As long as you make more on cargo revenue than you spend on cargo handling (usually 25$) + cargo controller salaries then cargo is worth it. Cargo can be quite a good extra income. Considering just those two costs I make an about 66% profit margin on cargo, albeit the profit from cargo is only 1% of my total profit.

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Thank you all for your replies ! Indeed I now understand it mostly as a choice if I want to shorten the turnaround times to squeeze more flights a day. Otherwise it looks like a good additional income. Plus, we need vaccines !

Cheers !