Office statistics question

In branch office overview there are transfer statistics for inbound and outbound traffic. Here is an example for departing passengers:


internal 2% 1% 2%

external 54% 55% 56%

direct 44% 44% 43%

  1. What are internal passengers? Are they passengers from my connections that are going further on my flights?

  2. Are external passengers those that came to this airport with other flights and transfered to my flights?

  3. Are direct passengers “non-transfer” or “local” passengers, meaning that they didn’t come to the airport with another flight?

Thanks! :)

Internal: Passengers that flew to the airport with one of your flights to this airport and connect to another flight outbound.

External: Passenger that flew to the airport with a flight of one of your interlining partners and connect to one of your flights outbound.

Direct: Passengers that did not come with a flight to this airport (if I am correct, this can be their origin or they can transfer to the airport with ground transportation from an airport in vicinity (ground network))

So you are more or less correct ;)

regarding the same statistics… I seem to be missing something…

what exactly are inbound and outbound transfers refering to, then?

I would assume, that on the outbound statistics, it means, that so many of the people on my outbound flights out of that hub have connected internally, externally or not at all. so far so good.

does inbound then mean, that so many people connected at the origin of my flights to this particular airport internally, externally or not at all?

if so, how come, that in a single hub system, I have internal transfers on both in- and outbound connection statistics? since it’s a single hub system, it would be impossible for passengers to have made an internal connection onto my flight to my hub (unless they first took the same aircraft outbound to then return with with again right away…)

Obviously, my assumption is wrong. could someone plese explain… thx

and sry, I just noticed this is in the wrong area. found it via search. if someone could move it to the support area, plz

ok, I appear to really be stupid… :-/

so transfer statistics (arriving) mean: so many of the arriving passengers are connection in the following way…

and transfer statisctics (departing) means: so many of the departing passengers have come the following way…


that would make sense. if the first one to read this could simply post a short "yes, you are stuipid ;-)", …

As requested,

"yes, you are stuipid ;-)"

much appreciated :wink: