Official Statement from AS Support

We are aware that AS Support has been lacking a lot over the course of the last months and that the problems have been increasing. As a result, there are many players still waiting for an answer on their submitted support tickets.

We would like to apologize for this situation and assure you that were are taking measures to resolve it. Starting in March, we finally have additional manpower available to deal with pending support tickets. We’re also evaluating how to improve our support processes and avoid growing backlogs in the future.

Resolving the current situation will still take some time, even with more manpower available. Our goal is to gradually reduce the number of pending support tickets and we want to make sure that your open tickets will be handled. We hope that you will allow us some time to catch up, while we need to handle more urgent daily support tickets as well. Please feel free to contact us on open tickets - whether it’s something that should been handled with updated information or whether it might no longer be relevant.

Thank you for your understanding and help.


PS: We are also aware of threads that have popped up on the forums, pointing out certain cheating cases. However, we won’t be able to solve these cases here on the forums as it’s not that right place to run an investigation. Thank you for bringing those cases to our attention and please be assured that we’ll still be using the information that was provided in these threads to investigate those cases and take action.