Old world

I have just read the announcement of the teams old world. My question is when will the ac data be updated for the current worlds. So far the data is completely inaccurate- Otherwise every airline in the world would be flying 737-700 and b737-900. It needs balancing!

No, it´s not planned to update the data at this time. The work on the new flight performance system is in progress and with this new system the data will be much more accurate

I would have thought this would be an important item. I am not saying I am not excited about the old world, it sounds great, but i would also be very much hoping that the ac data is fixed up before a big project like that.

Yes, I agree with mikk_13. I have reported a lot of issues, only ticket numbers received but I never see any fix happen. I’d rather hope, before you shift to another big project, would you just make current project better first?

Of course there are probably a billion things we could improve and optimize on a small scale that would be appreciated by a subset of the current player base. But what does that help us when the game as a whole doesn’t make any progress that helps to bring in new players and ones that have played in the past but have left because they got bored?

Aircraft performance issues might be annoying to some, yes. They are to us and they most likely are to a certain group of players that see themselves as die-hard aviation fans. But I’m not so sure whether such a detail makes top of the list for average players that just enjoy a business simulation with an aviation setting.

I do agree with your points- the game does need to move forward. But I think this game is not just a business game, if I wanted to play a business game there is a million to choose from. This game is an aviation business game, and for me it needs to get the aviation part correct. I keep pointing out that the Ac data reduces complexity in the game because you have 2 real choices of ac-

the 737-700/900 and the 787. This just helps it get boring factor- I always just build a massive fleet of 737-700s and fly them 900 times daily between clt and jfk. If you had another real option to fly heavys etc, this would make the whole experience more exciting. Yes, you can currently use other types but you will be at a dissadvantage. Not only that, any heavy types are useless on short haul- so you get problems with places like heathrow where you could run 767s on short hops but the turn around is huge and the fuel burn is enormous. This means you are restricted to smaller ac and this also means the slots are used in days. These are just some examples of how the game is effected by the imbalance. So I would suggest the biggest thing holding back AS is the data.

BTW I do love playing this game- I just want to see it get better!

Couldn’t agree more, if you spent a day at LHR nowadays I very much doubt you will see a prop aircraft.

And there are various airlines that operate heavys within the EU, Iberia(A340), Turkish(A340), Cyprus(A330) to name but a few. In fact the smallest aircraft that operates in Heathrow today is probably Lufthansa’s CRJ700 and only a few of them per day.

Maybe the Mega airports should have some sort of restrictions on types. Not sure how you would implement this or how far the restrictions would go, but worth a debate at least.

it has been discussed on several occassions