Old worlds

does anyone want to make the old worlds fun again? we could have several people start airlines in kaitak and interline to take down the big carriers because they have high lease payments. there are md-80's and 737 classics and originals available. I really would like to see that world spring up again. Right now people in gatow are stupid. they think that they can still get in but truth is, it will be almost impossible with md-80s going for about 1.6 million leasing deposit. please move.

I moved from Gatow to Idlewild, seeking for cheaper aircrafts. I knew this game in early Feb and started in gatow on Feb 4th. The first two weeks seemed pretty smooth but I left after 3 weeks due to the crazy plane bidding and insanely consumed slots. Idlewild  is the second oldest and I wonder if you would like to join.

Good thing in an old world is that it is plane paradise and I think people here are really IDLE. The old companies are giant, but they don't grow aggressively. So you don't really need to worry about the slots in a sense, because though it is not affluent (much better than gatow), it will not decrease a lot in the following few weeks. So it gives some opportunity for the new comer to rapidly expand your network in a short time. 

Most of the players in the old world are German speaker and they are friendly to new comers. None of the giants ever rejected my interlining request and I am so excited, which is so different from those ES guys in gatow. 

To disappoint you, Bad news is that it is really hard to go international in the old world, or at least for the starting few month. However, for the domestic routes, you still got a bunch of opportunities. International route are so much competition. So have fun being a regional giant.

guys guys guys 

would you please stops saying that people in Gatow are stupid if you don't like it is one thing, insulting other players its a lots different

i would not argue about how ''FUN''  old worlds are because they'r not but simply invite you to enjoy the game any witch way you like 

enjoy your game