online reservation system


i am playing the game for a little while now. i noticed that online reservation system rating is based on the flight time of your aircraft. no matter how good seats u install, or the facilities u provide. they will rate the fastest aircraft above all. i had to dump most of my prop aircrafts, even some brand new ones because their flight time was more than the aircrafts other airlines were using. even after lowering the fares by 20% i couldnt fill a DH4.

Based on the quick look I took at the ORS between LHE and KHI for flights between 24-48hrs from now, you’ve got some great flights on the DH4, with a segment rating of 62 and overall rating of 92 in economy class. The big problem is that your competition has dozens of non-stop flights between the city pair as well. None of your flights or theirs are sold out, which indicates that the market is highly over-saturated, especially in the middle of the current simulated economic recession. Your later flights where you switch to a 733 have the same overall rating of 99 that theirs do, and even more capacity is added to the route.

It’s difficult to compete with one large airline which has been in operation for years, you’re up against two of them.

What is your load factor in Y and C on those DH4s?

What is your load factor in Y and C on those DH4s?

i have switched to CRK now. Load factor has improve since then to 70% in Y and 90% in C.