Online Reservation System

What is the Online Reservation System for and how can it aid to a more successful cargo airline?

the ORS is the "program" a "customer" would use. it displays the available options, but ranked. the ranking is based upon your performance, thus including aircraft body, price, duration of transport, how many connections he/she/it has to make…

that is the system distributing the cargo and pax onto the flights when the calculations are being done. so, if you’re connection is on the very top of that list in the ORS, you should get a nice share of the cargo/pax on this route. however, if you don’t even show up there, the demand would have to be immense for you to get your share…

from the wiki:

Flight Rating

The overall Flight Rating is arrived at by evaluating both of the factors mentioned above. This rating is then set against the price of the flight to produce a value called the Price-Performance Ratio, or ‘PPR’. This only directly affects passengers flying between the two destinations being evaluated - a positive PPR will, generally speaking, attract at least some traffic, whereas a negative PPR will not. Bear in mind, however, that connection options at either end of the flight may improve the PPR of two flights combined sufficiently for passengers to book on a sector with a negative PPR; factors such as the time spent transferring between flights and the total flight time will be taken into account when calculating connections.

flight rating in wiki

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