Only a few hours left to enrich yourselves!*

(*and us)


Negative interest rates with your bank? A stumbling airline? Just inherited a fortune and don't know how to spend it?

In any case: Fear not, my friends because Estratosfera, Brazil’s favorite airline is currently going public!

The Airline:

Brought to you by the entrepreneurs that started classic airlines such as Blue Marlin, Bahamas (idlewild), Bahasa Jet (devau, quimby III), Lankan Lion Airlines (tempelhof) and more, Estratosfera stems from a huge experience base. Currently, a sprawling hub in Brasilia is served by a fleet of friendly Comac ARJ-21 and local Embraer 190 jets. These are the backbone of our operations throughout South America. A total of 40 destinations are already part of our network.

Our loyalty program Nuvem Sete ensures a high degree of customer retention. Three tiers (Ceu Azul, Nascer do Sol, Arco-Iris) come with added benefits for members and long-standing customers.

The IPO:

... is already a succesful one (and will only the second Quimby IPO to succeed) with over 94% of all shares having been signed. You just HAVE to be a part of this success story! Sign up here.

Investors will receive a lifetime Nuvem Sete Arco-Iris top-tier card, a honorable mention on the Estratosfera information page and will receive a preferential treatment for interlining agreements (if not in direct competition with and vetoed by alliance members). We also offer you a part of our profits as a weekly return (how graceful we are!).

The Plan:

Estratosfera already is offering the highest seat-mileage of any airline in Brazil. However, compared to some of the global long-haul players, we feel there is still a lot to be improved! This is why the IPO money will be spent on one or more long-haul widebodies to connect our network with Portugal and possibly one of the Dream Flyers alliance hubs. These connections will strengthen our ties with with partners from around the world, improve our seat-mileage and further boost our domestic and regional seat-load factors.

We are willing and able to take your money - just follow this link!

Some people don't approve the stock market as a long-term investment... :lol:



Even before seeing that meme (after seeing what you wrote and the screen shoot) I was thinking of Mrs Thatcher. She was just such a fantastic politician.

Come on guys, it’s a hype stock all right! Some people may just never get enough!

Something to pacify all the voices that want "more, more, more!" or even their money back: The tangible and intangible proof Estratosfera of course DID invest your money wisely.

Intangible: A fresh rebrand now highlights the colour blue with some white and green accents. This sets us apart from all the yellow-greenish bush airlines trying to compete with us!


Tangible: The Boeing 787-8 already serving Brasilia to Lisboa daily - flights are fully booked and fares start from 989AS$ only (one way) in our soon to be award winning Economy Class!


As the largest foreign shareholder of Estratosfera I am very happy that your long-haul operations at 195% prices pay off and I'm expecting a nice dividend by tomorrow. As alliance partner of your biggest opponent in BSB I am unhappy that competition gets harder for him now. :D

One final chance to enrich and treat yourselves with shares from Estratosfera! Beelines has 8,599 on offer for 132 AS$ per piece.

... which of course were sold rapidly to our Brazilian friends that are still in awe of Estratosfera's shiny appearance and route network.

Meanwhile, a famous LET-blocker operator has set up shop in BSB, price wars to put the airline out of business as soon as possible are expected.

In a first guerilla marketing move, some of our loyal customers were seen sticking Estratosfera's limited edition E195 stickers on every surface of the new airline's property. Go, Estratosfera!


After some brief corrective measures, the last LET-410 UVP was stripped of its former operator's livery today.

Bye-bye, A**os Air, hello new slots!