Operations Control sorting suggestion

Currently, OPERATIONS CONTROL can be sorted by fleet type.

I suggest additional (or alternative) sorting filtering form, by the AIRPORT (both arrival and departure). So if I select "MEX" It would show me on the graph all flights that arrive or depart Mexico City within the selected time period.

This would be a useful feature for schedule planning.


I tend to want to do this so divide my fleets by where they are based in fleet management so then I can select on ops control


Ian that is fine ... but what about if you have several hub/focus cities that fly into city X, and you want to see all departures/arrivals at that city ... maybe when you are creating a new focus city with some regional feeders. I think it would not be that complicated, the filtering parameter would be the city, instead (or besides) the fleet.

Ah! I see what you mean now. In the real world we are using a Lufthansa system and one option is to filter flights based on airport...so yes...agree!

I like the idea!

Yes, I would like Operations Control to filter by airport.  It would also help if the OC page optionally included flights by interlining partners.

I think the main idea behind this is to optimize hub waves. As one of the features discussed on the convention will solve this more adequate, I don’t think OC needs development in this direction.