Option to export data

I was wondering if it could be possible to have an export data as a file option for "bank account" information and "Facts and Figures". This would enable anyone to open these in excel and watch their progress. Moreover you can automate in Excel to see how much you are earning daily and also watch your weekly progress information and then get it on a chart and see how you are performing.

Someone may say that we already have this information on Income statement, but this information is updated weekly and does not show your progress on a daily basis. Neither the graph on the bottom of the page is brilliant as the size of it is quite small and you cant modify the parameters.

I dont think this would be hard to implement and really good for players like me to have all this data at hand.

This is a great idea !


The "bank accoun"t won’t help you much, since the data behind it is deleted after 24 hours.

The data that’s used for the Facts and Figures might make more sense. I will think about it (low prio though).

The "bank account" information can be useful if you monitor your earnings on a daily basis. Thats what I am doing currently, all your earnings minus all your expenses gives your earnings for the day. Once you have got that you can use to to check your daily progress. Not only that you can also figure out on which days you have a lot of expenses due to lease payments and then work out to lease new planes on other days to spread the lease payments across all days of the week evenly.

I had been doing this in the past but because now the size of my fleet has increased its a pain to sort all the transactions. I dont know how many other guys do this or do this at all or not but for someone who is very "into" the game it would help alot. It will then just be get the data from the file and add into the excel sheet, excel would then add and subtract your transactions giving your profit for the day and put in on a chart.

At the moment I have charts for Aircraft purchases(to monitor my weekly purchases), hourly flight departures(to check my slow and peak hours), daily profit and weekly performance.

For fixed expenses you just need to check your financial schedule. Much easier that analysing your bank account on a daily basis.

The only thing I use it for is to determine the profit I make on a single day of operations, which allows me to predict whether or not I should lease a new plane yet…

Yes but it as you say shows only fixed expenses. It does not however show you the complete picture. Say for instance your earning on a day is 5 million and your expenses is 3 million. You know that you will make a profit of 2 million on that day and can spend 2 million on aircrafts.

What you can deduce from bank account is your daily profit. Very important information because your daily profit does not remain the same everyday.

Generally speaking it depends on how much details you look into. I find these things to be a part of the game and I enjoy doing all these statistics.

There’s just a single interesting thing that is only available on the bank account: cash level 24 hours ago. Other than that, there’s NOTHING on there that you need and can’t find elsewhere… The fixed expenses you had during the last 24 hours can also be found in your financial schedule (and much more easily at that), and your current cash level is also obvious. I also take it that you’re able to remember if you spent money on something (cabin, pilot training, new aircraft purchase/leasing) in the last 24 hours.

With all that information (as said, available elsewhere as well) you can get the same result. I never analyse the bank account and do the same that you do: determine my daily profit and see when I will have enough cash for my next investment.

I would use this feature all the time! I already run an excel sheet to calculate LF’s, net pax gain/lost, and when listed, revenue, cashflow, profit, and equity on a week by week basis. It takes time to copy and paste all the data, so I’m only keeping tabs on a couple of markets of interest to me.

To quote martin:

So, while we’re not entirely sure yet of the real use of such a feature, it doesn’t mean we won’t listen to you guys. We do have some more important things to work on first though, so I hope you guys understand this may not be done on short notice.


I never check my bank account, unless something odd happens and I want to figure out what exactly happened. On a day to day basis, I only check the load monitoring page and the facts and figures. They give me all I need to see at one glance if everything is okay.

Is total revenue maybe going down or up ? Multiply last weeks number of transported passengers with this weeks income per passenger and you get a projection of what you may expect by the end of this week. If income per flight and load factor are stable, I know everything is fine.

But a printer friendly version of the facts and figuire page would be nice. That, or the possibility to export the data.

And if I may add to the list… flight schedules could use a printer friendly version or an export data button. Wouldn’t need to make my own oversight anymore. But these things are (at least for me) not a priority ;)