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Orbit Airways S.p.A. is an italian investment holding that operates in air transport services for traveling passengers and freight.
Founded in 2015 by John Rawghi, current president and CEO, the company act through a subsidiary, Orbit Regional, that recently starts operating in the North Italian region from the Milan Linate hub.

OA headquarters are within the Linate airport complex and the company itself delegate all operations to the subsidiary, serving as controller company. OA objectives are to estabilish, through superior customer services and comforts, as one of the main airline group in the European Region.


13 Apr 2015
Orbit Airways is happy to announce the maiden flight of Orbit Regional (OR1021), starting today from Milan Linate (LIN) to Munich International (MUC) at 12.55 LT operated through one of the newly acquired Bombardier CRJ 1000 NextGen EL (I-AAKK). 



Orbit Regional S.p.A. is a short haul airline that operates from the Milan Linate Airport to domestic and international destination. OR is a subsidiary of Orbit Airways and its main office are located on Linate. Orbit Regional started its operations on April 13th 2015 with a staff of approximately 200 employees with a total of three (3) regional airplanes. 
OR main destination are spread in the mediterranean region and flights are served on both bi-daily, daily, 4/3/2 per week with the main connections based on the Rome Fiumicino International Airport (FCO), and Munich Strauss International Airport (MUC). 
OR focuses it's operation on creating a central hub on Linate Airport and to achieve passenger share through a superior onboard service for short flights, along with a price inline with competitors.




Our routes covers the central european region, with the primary hub in Milan Linate Airport.


Our flight schedule is subdivided in three sections:


Munich Franz Josef Strauss International Airport

Rome Fiumicino International Airport


Barcelona El-Prat Airport

Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport

Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport

Prague Vaclav Halev Airport

Frankfurt am Main International Airport


Zagreb Pleso Airport


Bari Palese Airport

Cagliari Elmas Airport

Naples Capodichino Airport

Nuremberg Airport

Palermo Punta Raisi Airport

Podgorica Golubovci Airport

Reggio Calabria "dello Stretto" Airport


Alghero Fertilia Airport

Ancona Falconara Airport

Brindisi Casale Airport

Geneva Cointrin Airport

Innsbruck Kranebitten Airport

Montpellier Méditerranée

Rimini Miramare Airport

Rome Ciampino Airport

Salzburg W.A. Mozart Airport

Trieste Ronchi dei Legionari Airport

Tunis Carthage Airport

Venice Marco Polo Airport


We strongly believe in giving our customers the latest innovation in aerospace industry providing top-class jets. This ensure the maximum comfort possible along with the safety of flying with modern equipment.

Our focus on jets allow us to reach top-notch speed to reduce the flight time improving customers satisfaction.

Bombardier CRJ-1000 NextGen EL

The Bombardier CRJ-1000 NextGen EL is our top of the line jets and we currently have three (3) serving the major international destinations.

The CRK (three letter code) started its production in 2010 and is flight with 2 pilots on board. It can outclass 800 km/h on cruise flight and has a maximum range of over 3,000 km.

Our cabin configuration for the CRK allow us to transport 92 passengers and the nicknames of our planes are Antares and Betelgeuse.


Bombardier CRJ-700

Along with the CRK, we flight one (1) Bombardier CRJ-700 for our non daily destinations. Its performance equals the CRK with an obvious reduced range of 1,730 km maximum, but the CR7 (no, it's not Cristiano Ronaldo, it's the three letter code again) excels in reliability allowing us to serve minor airports.

The CR7 is flight with 2 pilots on board and our cabin configuration allow for a maximum of 68 passengers, our jet is nicknamed Castor.


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Nice design! Keep it up!

love this

Thank you guys.

I'm not yet completing it because it's my first try in ariline sim and I'm noticing I'm doing it wrong, as I loaned big planes, used big hubs, undertook trafficked routes. So many many expenses and no gain (probably I will go bankrupt soon). 

So I think that I'll have to start from scratch and redo all again.

Airlinesim rocks. I was able to "reset" the enterprise (keeping the brand and so on) so I will try with a different approach

Updated with new company profile, still working anyway

Suggestion: http://community.airlinesim.aero/topic/8123-as-for-beginners-an-attempted-blog/#entry68461

Thank you rubio! I've already gave a watch to that thread, now I've taken a different approach, I hope this will be better! ;)

You may also wish to check these ones in your spare time


based on old user interface, but the premise, game logic and strategies are all the same.

Rubio, I think that I have to read better, it seems that again I missed some concept.

First play I take 3 airbuses (1 321, 2 319) and I create less connections. But having 4 flights from point a to point b everyday with high competition seems much and I was absolutely losing.

Second play I took 4 crj-1000, this time I choosed less popular airport but, it seems that they are too less popular, so no passengers, and my hub didn't wokred as a proper hub bucause all my connection are going south.

Probably I have to read more and retry, maybe starting with less plane.

Why don't you try some USA hubs, there were some big liquidations in the past 24 hours on 3 different servers in USA

I would definitely try PHX or DFW on Meigs, you can get some 737-500 cheap or MD82 to start, and run the shuttle PHX/LAS/DFW/LAX like crazy

With the liquidation and the slots, you could run DFW-PHX, DFW-IAH, DFW-LAS like 20 times a day and still get full bookings the first day.

You could also try DFW on Stapleton there was a big liquidation as well and player CBE says there are plenty of cheap aircraft

But I would definitely try Meigs, it only has 24 million US pax being transported after the deletion (mature server has about 33-35 million) ... so you can go grab the other 10 million weekly pax :)

Also - good seats - I would not put in anything smaller than comfort plus in Y and Recliner long haul in C.

Good service - 3 green bars as a minimum (1 green in C on >800 km routes) in both Y and C, preferably 4/5 green bars on 800+ km long routes -> play with the offerings to get lowest cost possible, I would suggest 3 service profiles -> x800, 800-1500, 1500-4500 km. Offering first one on list from each section will give you 4 green bars in Y for less than 7 dollars. Aim for 1 or 2 green bars max for C on x800 flights (x800 is 0-800 km). Aim for 5 green bars in Y on anything longer than 800 km and 4 green bars in C on anything longer than 800 km. For 1500+ km routes aim for 5 green bars in C. If you are interested I can show you sample of service profiles I use, PM me for details.

Be careful with additional meal options, select the proper meal (min 800 / min 1500) for each service class but if you do 800-1500 km profile do not assign any meal that requires 1500 km route or the service profile will not be applied at all to the flight of less than 1500 km.

Assign plenty of flight attendants, aim for 3 green bars minimum, preferably 4 or 5 green bars in both Y and C. FA are cheap way to boost image.

Pay double wages the first week to boost employee morale and that way boost company image. Lower to country average +5$ after first week end closing.

Pay attention to demand calculation times, try to originate route after the demand calculation time, or land before the demand calculation time. E.g. if DFW-PHX has demand calculation time at 05.15 HT, try to depart DFW after 05.15, or land in destination (e.g. PHX) before 05.15 (e.g. do not originate in DFW at 04.40 HT -- because you will then receive only 2 demand calculation rounds instead of 3). Try to run East-West , West - East, North-South and South-North routes. In the begining try not to run east-East, or South-South, etc. routes. South-East, or East-North etc. are OK.

Anywhere but in an empty country, start with smaller planes (100 seaters). Then upgrade as necessary. If you start in empty airports (like the mentioned DFW/PHX/LAS on Meigs) you can go straight for 120-150 seater plane, but use comfort plus seats and recliner longhaul as a minimum.You should charge default price with those seats and good service, and your flight ratings will be very good.

aaaah damn I've started Friday before reading your post. 

But I took the approach that you mentioned! I improved the cabin configuration along as the number of FA. I raised the personnell salary and planned better the routes, having the primary flights from from S -> N and W -> E with my central hub between.

I will surely update this post with the new information but it seems that I'm collecting a lot of passengers now, my first flights starts today and I've nearly everything 100% booked!

Anyway, I will follow and stick more on your suggestions as it seems these are the key to run with profit!

Thank you Rubio, your help is invaluable!

Updated the page with the new gameplay, this time everything is much more better! I will improve this page with other fanfic things.. I love creating these stuff!

ps: thanks to Rubio!