ORS non-optimal cargo route preference

I don’t have much experience with cargo, so I may be wrong about this, but it seems that ORS will chose non-optimal routes under a fairly common set of circumstances:

Using identical aircraft… Airline A offers cargo from London to Dubai to Singapore. That’s about 11,000km.Airline B offers cargo from London to LA to Singapore. That’s about 22,000km.

Airline A’s prices are set to 150% of default.Airline B’s prices are set to 100% of default.

ORS will prefer Airline B’s route, even though it will take twice as long and cost approximately 30% more, because the raiting for B will be higher on each leg. I assume there is a penalty to B’s score because of the total duration of the flight, but this won’t overcome the low rating due to the 150% price of A’s routes.

Anyone else notice this or am I mistaken?

The other company might be using dedicated cargo planes, while you do not.

That’s true. I checked and that seems to make a big difference. However, I still see the rating of individual legs meaning that long routes at the 100% price preferred equal to short routes at 150%. In the end, the price is the same but the short route is, of course, much faster.