ORS - Rating Question

Hi everyone,

Can somebody please explain what’s the use of 2 rating bars in one ORS flight?

For eg in the picture attached there are 2 rating bars, and they do not have the same rating either. What’s the difference of the one on top to the one below?



one rating for each leg plus the overall rating for the connection.

not sure of all the things factoring in here. however, if you compare it to the flight rating page, it looks like for the legs there is price-performance ratio (which includes the product rating) and the overall rating includes image factors.

Not sure i understand why there are 2 different bars for a direct flight from airport A to airport B…

as mentioned above, one for each leg (in this case only one), including seat, service, price, etc => price performance rating

the lowest one is the total of all legs (in this case only one) plus image is factored in (which in turns include a couple of things, all of which you can find when clicking on the details of a particular flight and pick flight ratings)

Excellent… thanks for the help!!!